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World’s first sustainable sugar supply chain collaboration leads way for sustainable future in global trade

Amidst current concerns over the future of food security and supply chain resilience, the world’s first sustainable trade partnership, led by Czarnikow, was completed today (Wednesday 5th August 2020 BST).  By bringing together all supply chain participants which put sustainability at the core of its business - the trade and shipment of 50,000 metric tonnes…

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Santa Terezinha demonstrates their commitment to continuous improvement through year-on-year improvements

Santa Terezinha, one of the largest sugar producers in Brazil and the biggest producer in Paraná State, has once again achieved the VIVE Claim Level across all of its facilities participating within VIVE. Looking to differentiate their operations and products through their sustainable endeavour, Santa Terezinha’s Tapejara, Terra Rica, Paranacity mills and supplying farms have…

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