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Lantic Sugar joins Buyers Supporting VIVE as part of their commitment to source 100% sustainable raw sugar

We are delighted to welcome Lantic Inc. (Lantic) to Buyers Supporting VIVE, through which they support the sustainable sourcing of VIVE raw sugar to their refineries in Canada.

“At Lantic, we have an ambitious target to source 100% of our raw sugar supply from producers who follow verified or certified sustainable agricultural practices. We are excited to build on our current Responsible Sourcing Program by recognising VIVE as an acceptable, responsible sourcing verification,” said Darren Rafter, Director of Sustainability at Lantic Inc.

Lantic Inc. operatescane sugar refineries in Montreal, Quebec and Vancouver, British Columbia, as well as a sugar beet factory in Taber, Alberta. For over 130 years, they have offered a full range of all-natural, high-quality sugars with various crystal sizes, granulated, brown, icing, liquid, invert and dry blends.

Sustainability is a core value of Lantic, a value that is guided by transparency, responsibility, and action. Their Sustainability Program is in a constant cycle of continuous improvement, where they regularly review priorities, strategies, and targets.

The VIVE Programme’s expertise in sustainable supply chains creates a firm crossover with Lantic’s sustainability commitments. By joining Buyers Supporting VIVE, Lantic reaffirms its commitment to responsibly sourcing sustainable sugar and implementing traceability throughout its commodity supply chain.

Ben French, Senior Manager of the VIVE Programme, said, “CZ and Lantic have a long-standing supply chain service relationship that spans multiple years and regions. CZ has admired Lantic’s unwavering commitment and ambition to source sustainable raw materials. We are excited to continue this journey towards sustainable practices and further strengthen our partnership through helping Lantic meet their sustainable sourcing targets.”

VIVE is a sustainable supply chain programme that aims to continuously improve the sustainability of its participants’ supply chains. The programme focuses on driving this continuous improvement at every stage of the supply chain, from producer to end-user. VIVE is managed by supply chain company CZ and agricultural assessment experts Intellync.

This year also marks a significant milestone for VIVE as we launched our Climate Action programme. VIVE Climate Action (VCA) is our holistic and science-based decarbonisation solution, which takes Czarnikow’s existing sustainability offering, VIVE, to the next level –  creating carbon transparency, reporting and implementation of supply chain emission reduction strategies for VIVE Participants and Buyers Supporting VIVE.