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The China navigation company becomes the first shipping company to reach VIVE claim level

The VIVE Programme is delighted to announce that The China Navigation Company Pte Ltd (CNCo) has become the shipping company to reach VIVE Claim Level!

CNCo completed the VIVE online self-assessment that was verified during a VIVE remote assessment, due to access to their offices being restricted because of the current situation . After successfully completing one remediation action during the week after the assessment, CNCo was awarded VIVE Claim Level in the VIVE Shipping Module.

The VIVE Sustainable Supply Programme covers the entire agricultural ingredient supply chain; from field to end-user. We have created modules that adhere to each stage of food and beverage supply chains; Farm, Mill, Refinery, Trader and now Shipper.

Shipping positively affects the lives of billions of people, with 90% of the world’s international trade travelling by sea. The industry now faces a range of social and environmental challenges, such as volatile fuel prices, shifting markets and patterns of trade, and changing governance structures. In recent years there has been growing scrutiny of shipping’s broader social and environmental impacts, which has led CNCo to collaborate with VIVE.

Shipping is often a ‘missing link’ in verified sustainable supply chains, and CNCo’s participation will set the standard of sustainable practice within the industry. In the face of current challenges within the shipping and logistics space brought about by Covid-19, CNCo has committed to making shipping sustainable. They are founder members of the Sustainable Shipping Initiative and the Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative, with their sustainable development team working hard to make ambitious improvements.

“At CNCo, we actively seek to select and work with suppliers who not only comply with laws and regulations but go beyond by setting standards that are expected of an industry leader. We also have a strong preference for suppliers who seek to integrate principles of sustainable development into all areas of their business. We found this in Czarnikow and are very delighted to work with them in the development of their VIVE shipping module.” – Simon Bennett, General Manager, Sustainable Development, The China Navigation Company Pte Ltd

CNCo founded in 1872 and shares a rich heritage with Czarnikow across similar commodity trades and supply chains. The China Navigation Company (CNCO) was initially established to operate Mississippi-style paddle-steamers on China’s Yangtze River, and today is the deep-sea shipping arm and oldest operating entity of the Swire group. Headquartered in Singapore CNCO operate more than 160 vessels, shipping over 25 million tonnes of cargo per year and calling at over 350 ports across 74 countries worldwide.